The Aliens Cricket Club has been playing cricket in Oslo, Norway, for over 10 years
The club was established to give people living in Oslo the opportunity to play the game they love. Luckily for us, in the time since then, cricket in Oslo has become a major sport, boasting 4 divisions and nearly 60 teams. In 2012 The Aliens won the First Division and were promoted, for the first time in our history, to the Elite Division. This is quite an achievement for a team that didn’t win a single game for the first two and a half seasons of its existence.

On the Pitch

Things have indeed changed on the pitch, but otherwise the club sticks resolutely and proudly to its policy of welcoming members from any background and of any cricketing ability. In 2012 we fielded a team consisting of players with ten different nationalities – and this is not the first time such a thing has happened. "Our goals as a club are simple. Firstly we want to be competitive on the field. Secondly we do not want to lose sight of the social and integrating role the club plays for its members in Norway"

We organise two trips each year. The first, in the middle of winter, is to Lords for a weekend of indoor training. The second, usually at the end of April, is a tour. This year we travelled to the sunny beached and quick outfields of Alicante, Spain. Two games against the local league champions, the Sporting Alfas, saw the Oslo Aliens take their first two victories under the new captain Dennis Peter. Highlights of the game on sunday can be found here.


Off the Pitch

For several years we have been collecting equipment and delivering it to asylum centres in Norway where young Afghan refugees are desperate to play cricket. This is not entirely altruistic as we anticipate some of these young men playing for us in the years to come. A major development in 2012 was our decision to start supporting the charity “Cricket without Boundaries”. To that end we raised £1000, or enough to buy several hundred sets of the equipment they use in their efforts to raise AIDS awareness in Africa. We hope to improve on that amount in 2016. Here is what the charity had to say about us.

Finally, we think the most useful purpose we serve is that of helping new arrivals to Oslo to settle and socialise. That’s our favourite thing and we organise both formal and informal gatherings all through the year. Join our mailing list and you will be sent information about these.

Aliens Team Snap

Oslo Aliens Cricket Club welcomes anybody, of any age or ability who is interested in playing, or being associated with cricket in Norway.  Please contact us if you interested in joining our club.